Angel Drawings Research

On april 4, 2002, dr. Vladimir Sivitsky organised an exhibition of Aster's Angel Drawings in the Maxim Bogdanovich's Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarussia) and invited several prominent scientists to discuss the pheonomenon of ideomotoric drawing.

Ludmilla Shulga, Pro-rector of our institute on cultural work

Dodging the idea of communication with god

I would like to say that our meeting today and this exhibition is only part of the work. The research itself will be done by Mr. Sivitsky, as a part of the institute’s activities and also as international work performed by the institute.

In my opinion the pushing power, which is controlling Aster, his idea, is god and I’m very glad that through the angel drawings of Aster we got a possibility to dodge the idea of communication with god.

There was already an idea to meet the author of these these automatic drawings, and I’m very sure that it will take place because we know that mr. Sivitsky is very persistent in what he does, so I’m pretty sure that it will happen. At this point I can not predict where it will take place, if it will be here in this museum or in our institute. I want to say that our institute is a big family with more than 3000 students and more than 300 teachers. From my experience I know that very good people work here in the museum of Bogdanovich. In connection to that I would like to say ‘toast’ and to ask you to lift your glasses and to drink for our fruitfull cooperation in the future.

Angel Drawings Research: previous speaker, Andrej Halimonovich
Angel Drawings Research: closing speaker, mrs. Tamara Alpeeva