Angel Art, Present Manifestants of Angel Art

Michael Bevis

Automatic scribbling on matchbooks

Angel art may manifests when people are least aware of it. Michael Bevis has an ongoing habit of scribbling automatically on matchbooks. Is that weird ? Not really. Such habits are common practice with automatic writing and an aspect of ideomotor effect.

Angel Art creates itself

Michael: My Angel Drawings are "becoming" in a way. It is like they create themselves. I wonder where they come from, because sometimes I draw faces and images and even "equation like" drawings. i am SERIOUSLY developing an unusual habit of drawing and scribbling more and more everyday. What is happening ? what is my mind looking for ? Is it possible I am being guided to some place ? Am I sub consciously trying to unlock a cosmic code ? Am i a travellor through the universe ? Is it all just... I always wonder! Angel Art is getting more and more intense. And more addictive.

Ideomotor effect creates the supernatural

the ideomotor effect dóes create some kind of random series of supernatual occurences. I believe that the ideomotor effect that we are experiencing somehow "tweaks" or "jumps outside" the boundaries of the natural building blocks of reality, space, and time. Almost like some kind of machine of which we do not know how it works yet.

Communication with other worlds

Do you think we can somehow channel a way why one supernatual occurence happens and not another? I believe that the supernatural is based on information and if we could read or understand it, maybe we can invent something or communicate to other worlds more effectively, or maybe even figure out the reason the universe is here. I know that through my angel drawings, scribbles and writings, it always gave me some kind of insight to another realm and something always happens that I only I can know.

Drawing beneath the Seal

Michael: Sometimes I draw imagining the endless realm beneath the seal, the boundaryless world. Sometimes that helps me reach the state of trance I seek when i do my automatic Drawings.