Angel Art, the worlds greatest manifestants

Leonardo da Vinci

Transcendent envisioning: a new method discovered!

Angel Art can only manifest when three elements are present: transcendence, ideomotor effect and autonomous automatism. These three elements are aspects of each other. From the words of the great Master of invention, Leonardo Da Vinci, it is obvious that the artist was experimenting with transcendental meditation in order to aid the inventing process. Leonardo Da Vinci was above all a practical man. No abstract though or vision would escape his mind but his superdrive appears to have been 'make sense out of chaos'. Thus, no fundamental free expressions of Angel Art will be found in his work. But his words reveal much of the mental and psychical processes nescessarily present in order to aid the Angel Drawing.

Opening the Mind

Thus writes Leonardo da Vinci: "Among other things, I shall not scruple to discover a new method of assisting the invention; which though trifling in appearance, may yet be of considerable service in opening the mind and putting it upon the scent of new thoughts, and it is this: if you look at some old wall covered with dirt, or the odd appearance of some streaked stones, you may discover several things like landskips (sic), battles, clouds, uncommon attitude, draperies, etc. Out of this confused mass of objects the mind will be furnished with abundance of designs and subjects, perfectly new."