Present manifestors of Angel Art

Gregory von Seewald

One must trick the conscious mind

von Seewald: "The work I represent here are examples of divination. As with the Tarot, the Yi King, the Coins of the Ge Yuan, the Ouiga Board, etc., a transcendence is required into another realm or plane. Once that veil is lifted and a link is established, the current will necessarily flow. The method of Automatic Drawing, is perhaps one of the most actively free flowing modes of operation, and is subject to the individual's own personal psyche in combination with the forces with which one has united.

A message or thought-form is then created within this unity. The motivating drive is subject to a combination of these elements and can often reveal the conflict between the two. A strict practical preliminary preparation is needed, and the artist must know when the actual transmission is in action. On must trick the conscious mind, and free the action that no intentional or forceful intervention is allowed to leak in, or otherwise influence the actual Working. One must also have the ability to perceive the termination of the transmission, and end the project forthwith."

Exploring Transcendence

von Seewald: "The Soul criest, it seeks it's Source. The Spirit moderates the motive. The Body, as an organ, transmits. Thus, driven by the desire or a yearning towards an end, one explores the modes of transcendence. Possibly this is motivated by the excitement of a forbidden encounter. Perhaps it implies an escape into the Unknown or even an Ecstatic experience; something which leaves one with a confirmation and a concrete resulting record. "Thou didst aforetime learn by thy magical art..."