Automatic drawing : ASTER

Angel Drawing

I chose the name angeldrawing for this website because there there is a distinct relationship between the religious concept of angels (Maimonides) and the scientific aspects of automatic writing and drawing (Ideomotor Effect). My experience with automatic writing and drawing started in 1983. Since then I created many hundreds of drawings that occasionally are exhibited.

The concept of TIA

I coined a name for the technique that I use to create automatic drawing and call it TIA. Tia is an abbreviation for Trancendental Ideomotor Automatism. The automatism is an autonomous given.

Automatic Writing and Drawing Artists

This website is a presentation of my work and features other experiencers who are and have been experimenting with automatic writing and drawing. It also features a scientific study performed by my Russian friend dr. Vladimir Sivitsky, Phd., dean of the psychology department of the University of Minsk, Belarus.

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