Angel Drawings Research

On april 4, 2002, dr. Vladimir Sivitsky organised an exhibition of Aster's Angel Drawings in the Maxim Bogdanovich's Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarussia) and invited several prominent scientists to discuss the pheonomenon of ideomotoric drawing.

Prof. Dr. Tamara Alpeeva, closing words

Experimenting with the state of trance

I would like to ask if anyone of you experimented with the state of trance or a condition close to the state we see here in the film.

With substances you mean ?

It can be with anything, with drugs, with alcohol, any other methods. What I would like to tell you is that I participated in the research in interpersonal psychology, following the methodology of Stanislav Grof, the American doctor and philosopher. As a result we got in a state of trance; the methodology was very easy, it was very fast, deep breathing, accompanied by music. I see it more as a wide opened window to our world, not to other world because there is so much in our world, it’s so deep and so broad in itself, and human being is so limited in it’s capabilities, in perception and also mentally. Why am I telling all this ?

Transcendental artistic expressions

Because I think that the research on this particular phenomenon can enrich our knowledge in general about this state. You know that in the East we can see such example as meditation, india and other countries, and as for West Nostradamous can be a good example. He also made his predictions working in the state of trance and using additional substances by the way. When I think about this particular case I think this is one of the possibilities of realisation, of expression of the information, which a human being can get in the state of trance. By the way I should say that this is the first time that I see this form of expression of information, received, while being in the state of trance. Nostradamous expressed it in a different form for example. But if you look at todays world for example you see new cults arising. What is it? Which kind of beliefs, religions they follow?

Where are these Angel images coming from ?

They also concentrate on the state of trance and on communication, information exchange in this state. I think about the work of Helena Rerich for example. Anyway, I see this as a special case and we can ofcourse start our researches with this case, this particular form of expression. I see it as coded symbols, I agree with the statements, which have been already said here. Maybe there is a lot of sense sense in it, which we can’t realize, we cannot understand at the moment, we can only understand the information told in particular language we understand, but further it stays a mystery for us. But what I can say for sure is that it’s information. The complication of this case is that it’s very difficult for science to analyse it because you can identify things only expirimentally, nothing can be repeated. Everything is impulsive, everything is unique. So it’s good that I’m dodging this theme at the moment because I came back to the question where these angel drawings are coming from. What is happening to him in this state?

I can give you an answer from my own experience. I tried it myself, I tried to think about what I was going to do and then, when I got in the state of trance, there was nothing left of it. It just didn’t work. But suddenly everything disappeared and I didn’t remember anything anymore, I just started receiving information, it’s very impressive, knowledge on different levels, for example how the idea appears, how it develops, how it popularises, how it finds its followers. Why the art which was not completely understood 50 to 100 years ago starts being appreciated and starts being canonised now. Generally speaking this kind of transformations takes place. What I see is all the changes in our outside world are first being analyzed, first being realised by our subconsciousness. And it stays there on the level of feelings. And I think, I just feel that in music, poetry and art - all the channels able to express those new things just appearing on the level of feelings, bring them to outside. For those area’s, for those fears of art, our current subject is in particular important, I mean the condition of trance, unconsciousness and the level of feelings.