Angel Art, the worlds greatest manifestants

Alfred Regner

Unconscious and Modern Painting

A similarity between Alfred Regner and Jean Arp could be that they are both artists who have come full circle with Angel Art. I see Regner as the man who became the Angel and became again the man Regner, who had manifested the Angel by means of his art.

Extract of a conference by Alfred George REGNER, Boulogne sûr Mer, the Town hall, January 1950.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Do I have to explain why, in the title of my talk, I associated modern and unconscious painting? Although the thing appears superfluous to me, it is perhaps well to do it.

Capital discovery in the world of the Spirit

The painters of all times were a faithful mirror of the major concerns and discoveries more upsetting of their contemporaries, very often taking part themselves in search and putting the hand at the paste (without pun). What, to my knowledge, the alive painters claim still to do.

In the world of the spirit, the capital discovery most recent is well the invention of the psychoanalysis by FREUD. Just as with the Rebirth the first stammerings of science were the great torment of mankind.

Leonardo da Vinci, codeïng the prospect

The coding of the prospect must have been enthralling for the erudite painters of the second half of the 15th century. The pleasures of the reducing Paolo UCCELLO were great, tracing first correct lines before finishing the work. In another order of ideas, the pleasure must also have been intense for Léonardo da VINCI, dissecting and fixing by drawing the interior of man. Yes, these great painters really lived and worked close to the edge of their time, in order to experience it, understand it, and to transmit a faithful image of it for us.

Peoples fear for life

A true painter must avoid putting his steps on the paths of his precursors. Nothing more sensational remains there to discover in the prospect and the anatomy: to be interested in these sciences proves merely a certain nostalgia of the past for the interested party, a symbol of a happy childhood that many seek to retain, with resuscitation, because of their fear for life.

Unconscious ? Exaltation!

Today, the unconscious is unknown ground and for a long time still, something that those who seek must explore. The painters should not fail in their missions. The unconscious one ownes the exaltation.

The Unconscious is a Key to the Self.

For this group, knowledge of the depths of psychology is essential. It is the key which opens the royal way, it is the key which opens our deepest self, it is the key which makes it possible to know us and to know others.

Discovering the cause for an Angel Calling

The exploration of the heart by the psychoanalysis informs about why of a vocation and, in particular, about why of an artistic calling.