Aster's Limited Edition of Lithographic Prints

Here's my collection of 25 lithographic prints. Each of the titles is an original work of art and nót a reproduction of an existing work, with 3 exceptions. Every image is the mirror image of part of an existing work.

All titles are high quality lithographic prints produced in a limited edition (first edition 12 of every title), printed in duocolour. The heavy print paper measures 70 x 100 cm and the print itself measures 50 x 70 cm. Each lithoprint is signed and comes with a numbered certificate of origin. The price of each print is € 250,- excl. p&p.

Lithographic Prints

1. Ima'An

2. The Scribe Ani (Ancient Egypt)

3. Ani'Rah, The Twin Gods

4. Ishtar

5. In'Anna (Nin Hur Sag)

6. Ari'An (Osiris)

7. Ivi (Isis)

8. En'Ki (Ea)

9. Enlil

10. Cosmic Conceptions And Birth

11. Rex An I

12. Rex An II

13. The Light Line

14. Jesus Christ and the Beast

15. Zoroaster, splitting consciousness

16. Annunaki (Nephilim)

17. Moon People of Xi'An (Arcturians)

18. Kanus or Dogon (Sirius)

19. Rex An Sidet Golden Skull (Native Meso-American)

20. Painted Face (Native American Spirit)

21. An'thennae Si'An (Atlantis)

22. Melchizedek (Descended State)

23. Melchizedek (Ascended State)

24. Native Spirit (Native American)

25. Native Spirit II (Native American)

Buying an original lithographic print.

Buying an original lithographic print can be done online, filling in the inquiry form below. Note: a new inquiry form has to be filled out for every title you intend to order.

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