Present Manifestants of Angel Art

Randy Muraira

Angel Art: a new & unique form or Art

Angel Art has everything to do with profound spiritual experiencing. A specific experience left Randy Washington with a nervous energy that led him to painting. The artist never painted before and paints with his hands instead of a brush; his art is all about finger painting using many colors on large canvases.

After viewing what he had randomly painted the artist noticed manifestations of faces, animals, people, skulls, entities and different realms. (Remember what Leonardo Da Vinci said about this). They seemed to be from all areas of time. The more the Artist painted with his hands the more unusual things started to emerge from the them. It seems that the longer one looks at these paintings the more images appear.

Angel Painting is a devine gift

Since this unique spiritual experience, the artist has been on local public television and has been in art shows and presenting videos in local night clubs throughout the state of Washington. The artist realized after a short period of time that he could actually photograph entities, spirits and orbs that would otherwise never be seen. He feels that this is a devine given. Randy would like you to explore this gift further on his personal website

'images within'.