Present manifestors of Angel Art : TIA Group

Nicholas Socrates

Angel art of universal/collective interest

Nick Socrates produces the absolute form of Angel art. His work is of an optimum quality, meaning that this type of art, ideomotor art, given a certain stage of development, doesn't get better than this. All three elements are present, transcendence, ideomotor effect and autonomous automatism. Socrates prefers the brush and paint, which enables him to use colour.

Work in a state of hallucination

Socrates: "Transcendence triggers the ideomotoric state. When creating the image it is amazing: the basic forms, the familiar figures, all are relative and connected - the perspective is constantly shifting, the canvas/paper dances and becomes alive; realising that these angel images are more than 3 dimensional. I believe TIA to be a superior/magical media. When creating the images, creating the images, the figures look so real and believable. I am repeatedly experiencing the connection. And even after the angel drawing has manifested the experience continues as I shape-shift into the image."

Nick Socrates writes:

Manifesto 2007

The Human Mind is evolving at an ever increasing rate.I believe this to be an extremely exciting time in History.I was going to become a Buddhist Monk.I changed My Mind in the last minute.I wish to continue Painting , because I strongly feel that My Work – My Vision – has something Potentially Brilliant to offer The World.I was born into a Contempary Environment. London is at the heart of It all.I have always seen myself as an Artist.Painting is my Life’s Passion.I take it as an Honour – My service – to continue to Depict The Nature of Reality. Painting incredible amounts everyday.Learning Loads about The-Self – The Mind, The World; My Painting.Understanding the Phenomena of Existence.Communicating – Sharing Received Wisdom.I understand the importance of sincerely smiling into the painting & holding the paintbrush with love.This is a serious Spiritual Practice,Which may be philosophised.

I am inspired by what I see & what is around meI am fascinated by Nature: trees, rocks, water, fire, the sky – Everything. And how Nature & The Mind are so Inter-connected & Inner-existing.

The Painting is a Projection of The Mind – it is the process of Ego. We need Ego to function in The World.My work is about Projecting Sanity & refining the Ego (painting) to a Compassionate, Open, Enlightened Image.The Mind is like an animal, Spirit – Energy.I want to capture it.It Flows through Everything & is Everything.It is in a constant state of Change – it is Change.It does have a form – a 9 Dimensional shapeIt is Never completely solid.It is always workable & Liquid-like.The Shape (The Mind) – our thoughts, exist all around us all the time.Allowing the environments energy to flow through me whilst I work.Moving very smoothly, light & flowing – similar to Tai Chi.A large Calligraphy stroke Encapsulates The Spirit of Contempary Culture;PerfectlyOne brush-stroke, one movement can sum up an entire Life Story.Remaining very still, focusing on The Eye of The Myriad of The Image.Allowing the arm to move freely. Lyrically Expressing Automatically.With Relaxation & Concentration;the smaller marks is like writing – On The Canvas of Universal Mind.Governed by number, The Mind through expression of itself, manifests as form: beings, situations, environments, universes.

When painting in-front of, or on, The Image – You are it.Whatever happens in life in its presence, is a part of the painting.Take it to Nature. Slowing down. Understand the work which is being done Retreats are brilliant. They are for everyone.You need somewhere to Retreat from in order to Retreat.Then Catapult It back into The Mix – The Contempary Studio EnvironmentA Reaction HappensYielding Positive & Beneficial Results, for EveryoneWe change The World by Healing Ourselves & Everyone we encounterStrive with Excursion!

Art is a way of doing things. I enjoy Waking Up early in The Morning.Sitting completely Still.Painting all day.I live a relatively Peaceful Monk like Existence.Now painting is rooted deeply within me. It is generic.I am noticing My Whole Life becoming ArtAnd I Love it So MuchSo Much is seen when working.Within my painting, or a cliff-face, a stone-wall, a field – In-fact: Absolutely Everything – I perceive significant numbers & Letters, futuristic forms, humours animals, faces (not always human), very religious situations, Rituals, Crowd-scenes - Alive!I am Extremely Excited about my future as a Painter.I am always progressively evolving & moving forward.Every Painting is different.Each Painting gives (me) different Insight & Teaching into the next.

Enjoying working in Black & White.Continually Experimenting with colour.Mono-chromes work very well.Going deeper into certain Worlds within my painting.Immersing myself there – and seeing what comes up. Better understanding different aspects of the-self.

I have the choice of redefinition. To bring out these holographic figures within the image - Small & Large.Each Part Determining The Whole.Also respecting The Image. Allowing it to Be (without redefinition)Seem to be pushing & pulling my work into a different result every time.Working towards Centredness, Clarity, Enlightenment.It is about Tension.

And there is So Much Tension in The Image – In The Mind of the CityMy Painting is often said to represent cities…The city we live in is a collective manifestation of Ourselves,(just like Our Physical Bodies);Corresponding to an inherent conception of Space, within Nature, which is;

Represented, Manifested Everywhere - My Painting - is Ourselves.

I see the Art World like The Jungle. And My Paintings Have The Power to Heal.

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