Angel Drawings Research

On april 4, 2002, dr. Vladimir Sivitsky organised an exhibition of Aster's Angel Drawings in the Maxim Bogdanovich's Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarussia) and invited several prominent scientists to discuss the pheonomenon of ideomotoric drawing.

Valeriy Strapka, Writer and Poet - National Union of Writers

New approaches, new aspects and no analogy.

I would like to say that I don’t regret that I came to this exhibition. Some new directions opened up to me. I see some new approaches, some new aspects which we cannot find analogs for, at least as far as I understood; so it’s really something unique.

I would say that the starting point of Asters angel drawings is laying in the period when he survived clinical death when he was 5. I think it played a very important role. I got associated with these things we know at the moment, about channels, connections with cosmos, and so on. I think also about the parralel worlds.

Mystical and extraterrestrial impressions

I’ve got a feeling that the angel images received in his works give some mystical impression, some extraterrestrial impression, I would say.

The predominant question is where those angel images are coming from. After watching the film I got the impression that Aster doesn’t even look at the paper. He doesn’t look at the sheet of paper and the pen in his hand. We see how from the complex of movement images are appearing on the paper. Very often we can see the image of a face. Maybe it is even a cosmic face because it has some strange features in it. I also got the impression that he doesn’t have an image in his head when he starts painting. I don’t see idea but still at the end he’s got an image so it should be coming from somewhere....