Angel Drawings Research

On april 4, 2002, dr. Vladimir Sivitsky organised an exhibition of Aster's Angel Drawings in the Maxim Bogdanovich's Literary Museum (Minsk, Belarussia) and invited several prominent scientists to discuss the pheonomenon of ideomotoric drawing.

Lubov Perervenko, Director of Cultural Centre International Humanitarian and Economics Institute

I think this is something for psychoanalytics to look at, because this is something new, something that we didn’t come across before. We don’t realize it yet.

Every artist is a personality. And this Aster personality is trying to express his ideas, his emotions, his mood in his angel drawings. And when I entered this exhibition for the first time and I looked at these automatic drawings, I felt a kind of instant connection, something I was a part of. I think this is something for psychology, psychoanalytics to look at, because this is something new, something that we didn’t come across before. We don’t realize it yet. But I can agree with you that here we see a person who is showing something to us. He is expressing to us what he has in his soul; he is expressing his internal emotions, his internal experiences. Something we don’t understand at the moment, something we don’t realize, but what we do feel. We can feel his state of mind, his mood, but we still can’t explain it. A lot of the things we see here still cannot be explained.

Association with mythical creatures

Another thing that I want to share with you is that I think each of us, everyone who is looking at his angel drawings has his own associations with what he sees. For some people it looks like a portrait but for others it is more something abstract, something without any meaning.

Maybe someone will get some association with some mythical creature, so on the one hand I would say that it is very interesting. On the other hand a question comes to my mind: Are we going to come back to such kind of exhibition? I think that some of the people who will see it will have enough of it. “There is nothing in it for me”, they might say. But the others would say: ” Yes, I am getting to some state of consciousness, which I would like to experience again.” ; so they’ll come for a second and even for a third time. So as for this everything is dependent of the impression people get from looking at these ideomotor drawings. But the other thing is that what we see here is the person who is trying to express himself, he is expressing his spiritual state, this is his way to express himself, the way to let his emotions out. This is what we don’t see here to often.

Limitations versus enrichment

Looking at these angel drawings I started thinking how limited we are, in our every day life, being in a hurry, in our routine activities. Because of this we are losing something, we are losing something every time. Is it communciation ? Other thing which is important is our lack of relaxation, we cannot let ourselves out and open, we cannot express ourselves and this is really a problem. What is it all for ? In my opinion we should all concentrate on something human, something important what is inside us, and express it. Our personal impressions, our personal emotions should be able to get out. And what I think we see here is that the author managed to express himself. And he showed himself to the outside world. And for what I can see, he is enriched. We already know about him, and when he comes himself we will really get a chance of communciation with him, which I think would add to our impression about him. I think it will be very interesting.